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16 MG15 small excavators sent to Italy

Views : 577 Update time : 2021-11-18

On November 17, the MG15 small excavator was installed in the Msang Machinery Industrial Park and will be shipped to Italy soon. At present, Msang Machinery's excavator series products have obtained EU CE certification, ISO quality system certification, TVU certification, etc.

The model of the mini excavator shipped this time is MG15, semi-automatic PET bottle blowing machine, bottle making machine, PET bottle making machine, suitable for producing various shapes of PET plastic containers and bottles.

The MG15 mini excavator has a simple linear structure and is easy to install and maintain. In the pneumatic parts, electrical parts and operating parts, parts of world-renowned brands are used. The high-pressure double crank controls the opening and closing of the mold. Highly automated and intelligent operation, no pollution. Connect the air conveyor with a connector, which can be directly connected in series with the filling machine.