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The current situation and development direction of small excavator industry

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Under the new situation, urbanization-related policies and regulations have brought new opportunities to the small excavator industry. At the same time, the increase in industry costs has also caused mixed joys and worries for local board companies, and they continue to face new challenges. Today we come to understand the current situation of the small excavator industry and analyze the future development direction.

A popular sentence in officialdom is "policy at the top and countermeasures at the bottom". In conventional understanding, this sentence is too derogatory and directly refers to the phenomenon of "policy" violations. But if it is adjusted to "policy at the top and decision-making at the bottom", it is very much in line with the development status of China's small excavator industry over the past few years. It will follow the trend of international or national policies and change the rudder in time.

The promulgation of the policy is in line with the interests and will of the majority of people in this country or region, so all individuals or companies that survive and develop in this society must strictly abide by it. From the perspective of green and sustainable development, relevant policies are issued for the more standardized and healthy development of the small excavator industry, and they are all beneficial to the industry. Therefore, small excavator companies need to face up to the possibility of companies in the implementation of the policy. Existing problems, and actively rectify and reform, in order to seek more sustainable development.

New urbanization mini excavator market gradually expanded 
nineteen large party report suggested that "to promote industrialization, informatization, urbanization, agricultural modernization simultaneous development of" the "city group as the main construction of medium and small cities and small towns coordinated development Town pattern". This clarifies the mission and direction of socialist urbanization with Chinese characteristics in the new era, is conducive to promoting regional balance, urban-rural balance, and making up for the insufficient development of small and medium-sized cities and small towns.

In the process of the gradual advancement of new urbanization construction, new rural communities have gradually emerged, and urban functional areas have been re-planned, which has effectively promoted the local real estate economy, thereby driving the development of the small excavator market. The emergence of new towns has stimulated the revitalization of the real estate economy and created new growth space for the small excavator industry!

Accelerate the optimization and upgrading of the small excavator industry in the construction and manufacturing power

The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that to build a modern economic system, we must focus on the real economy, improve the quality of the supply system as the main direction, accelerate the construction of a manufacturing power, and accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing. At present, the world has ushered in a new round of industrial revolution with more far-reaching impact. It is different from previous industrial revolutions in that it is not dominated by a single technology, but clustered innovation, integrated development and breakthrough of multiple emerging technologies. Will set off a new round of innovation and development climax.

As for the traditional manufacturing industry-the small excavator industry, we should accurately grasp the connotation of the manufacturing power in the new era, and deeply understand that technological innovation is an important driving force for the manufacturing power. The introduction of intelligent production lines to realize automated, numerically controlled, and standardized production operations can not only reduce the dependence on labor, improve the production efficiency of small excavators and enterprise productivity, but also eliminate old technologies and processes, and improve the accuracy of products, thereby Improve the quality of small excavators as a whole.

The small excavator industry should also accelerate the integration of informatization and industrialization, accelerate industrial optimization and upgrading, and use Internet technology to broaden new sales channels and communication channels. Through big data to achieve precise supply, to achieve personalized and intelligent new manufacturing of small excavators, especially under the impact of "new retail", the small excavator industry needs more online and offline efforts.