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The role of agricultural excavator bulldozer

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There is a bulldozer blade on the agricultural excavator and a bulldozer handle on the console. Can't underestimate this part. It plays an important role in the daily operation of agricultural excavators.

1. The overall structure of the bulldozer on the agricultural excavator is very simple. It is usually connected to the traveling device by a connecting rod. The main parts of the bulldozer blade surface, connecting rod and cylinder. Similar to the bucket of an agricultural excavator, there is also a grease port that needs to be lubricated for a period of time.

2. The main function of the agricultural excavator bulldozer is to remove obstacles in front, clean the road or fix the body.

(1) Level the road surface: When the agricultural excavator is walking, place the bulldozing shovel forward, and the bottom of the bulldozing shovel is flush with the bottom of the crawler track, which enhances the function of trenching and backfilling.

(2) Slope operation: In excavation work, the bulldozer can also be flexibly used to prevent landslides, stabilize the fuselage and level the working surface for backfilling.

(3) Stabilizing the fuselage: When the agricultural excavator needs to work on the slope, the bulldozing blade plays a role. It is used to stabilize the fuselage, prevent landslides from sliding, and flatten the working surface for backfilling.

The role played by the bulldozer is very important, and there are some precautions for use. In daily maintenance, it is also necessary to add butter to ensure lubrication during operation; when using a bulldozer, it is also necessary to maintain a good labor intensity, and when cracks occur, road repair and reinforcement must be carried out in time.

In short, the role of bulldozers on agricultural excavators is crucial. Flexible application can improve the efficiency and safety of construction.