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Overview of China's mining machinery industry in 2020

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Excavating machinery refers to construction machinery used to excavate materials above or below the bearing surface, and load the excavated materials into transport vehicles or unload them to a stockyard. The sales volume of China's excavation machinery industry increased from 90,507 units in 2014 to 203,420 units in 2018, with a compound annual growth rate of 22.4%. It is estimated that by 2023, China's excavation machinery market sales will reach 317,511 units. In the future, in the context of further improvement in mining machinery technology, advanced technologies such as intelligent control of mining machinery and power electronics will gradually mature, and China's intelligent mining machinery products will be more widely used.

Hot spot 1: China's investment in fixed assets has increased to promote industry development

The downstream construction demand of the mining machinery industry is mainly concentrated in infrastructure construction, real estate, mining and manufacturing. The increase in China's fixed asset investment can drive the development of the mining machinery industry. The seven key projects in China's urban municipal infrastructure investment and development are closely related to the excavation machinery industry, which is a positive driving factor for the excavation machinery industry, and stimulates the market demand for the excavation machinery industry in China.

Hot spot 2: "One Belt One Road" strategy provides good opportunities for the industry

Countries along the "Belt and Road" have become the focus of investment in China's mining machinery industry, and China's mining machinery industry has ushered in development opportunities. The interconnection of infrastructure in countries along the "Belt and Road" has become a prerequisite for infrastructure construction in countries along the route, which has boosted the export sales of Chinese mining machinery Demand. China's continuous increase in investment in the “Belt and Road” has helped Chinese engineering contractors to develop overseas and promote the export of mining machinery products.

Hot spot 3: Accelerating the integration of mining machinery and the Internet

In the context of "Internet +" and intelligent manufacturing, Chinese mining machinery companies have introduced new generation information technology application concepts such as big data and Internet of Things into the development and construction of mining machinery and enterprise operation management through Internet thinking. In the future, as the Internet and big data are gradually applied to the mining machinery industry, the value chain of research, production, supply and marketing services for mining machinery manufacturers is expected to further increase, and the operating costs of enterprises will be greatly reduced. Therefore, "mining machinery + Internet" will become one of the future development trends of the mining machinery industry.