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Tips that smart people are using-"little mechanism" on road rollers

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Nowadays, many friends have bought small-sized road rollers, and some of my friends have chosen walk-behind rollers, which are both economical and practical. Here are some things you should pay attention to when walking-back rollers:

1. Spacing. When multiple walk-behind rollers are used on the same construction site at the same time, the spacing should be greater than 2.5 meters to avoid collisions and steering difficulties.

2. Transition, one of the outstanding advantages of the road roller is that it is convenient to transition, but long-distance transitions should be avoided, and special vehicles should be used when long-distance transitions are required.

3. Reversing. When changing the direction of the roller, move the small mechanism of the handle. First pull the handle from the forward position to the middle, and then pull it to the backward position after the roller stops, and vice versa. Pull in place at one time to avoid mechanical damage caused by sudden changes in driving direction, and save thousands of repair costs per month

4. Vibration compaction, to compact loose materials, first use static pressure to compact the road surface twice, and then use vibration compaction.

5. Turn on the vibration. On hard roads and high-speed rolling or driving, the vibration device must not be turned on. When using the vibration device, it must be opened to a larger value, not only half of the drive.

6. Skidding. During the construction operation of the walk-behind roller, if the vibration clutch is found to be slipping, stop the machine immediately, and then check the walk-behind roller, and use it after troubleshooting. Do not increase the throttle or try Reluctantly drive with high power and high speed, otherwise it will be easier to burn the clutch.

But everyone should pay attention to some necessary common sense of safe operation, after all, safety first. Roller operators are not allowed to leave their posts during work, and no irregular operations are allowed. It is strictly forbidden to hand over machinery and equipment to minors for operation. Operation after drinking is strictly prohibited. The above is about the knowledge of walk-behind rollers in use. You can learn more about it. I hope this article can help you. Secondly, do not blindly drive according to your own wishes when using the equipment. This will be serious. Damage the fundamental interests of the equipment.