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Maintenance of excavator

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Everyone knows that people need to be maintained in middle age, but the editor wants to tell you that when you are young, you will pay more attention to your body, and you will be strong when you are in middle age. So, today we will discuss the maintenance of excavators. See what can make the excavator maintain good power and excellent working ability.

1. Engine:

The oil and oil filter element must be replaced by genuine factory parts and replaced according to the prescribed maintenance period. The old engine needs more care, and the replacement time of the oil and filter can be shortened as appropriate to make the engine life longer.

Try to use the diesel fuel provided by the regular gas station. Even if the diesel fuel is charged by the regular gas station, do not directly add it to the fuel tank. Filter it before adding it (the more common method is to put socks on the fueling mouth). Drain water at the bottom of the diesel tank and the oil-water separator before starting work every day. The diesel filter element is purchased from the original factory, and the diesel filter element is replaced according to the prescribed maintenance cycle. (One point to clarify, the filter paper of the original factory is fine and the amount of impurities intercepted is large, so it is easier to block, and the replacement cycle is shorter than that of the auxiliary factory. Therefore, it is not a good filter that is not blocked for a long time)

The air filter element is checked frequently. The dust of the outer filter element is often blown from the inside to the outside with compressed air. The air pressure should not be too high to prevent the filter element from being blown. The inner filter cannot be cleaned. After cleaning the outer filter 2 or 3 times, replace the inner filter with a new one.

Do not use idling for a long time to save fuel to prevent carbon deposits.

2. Hydraulic:

Change the hydraulic oil, oil return filter element, and pilot filter element according to the prescribed maintenance cycle, and pay attention to whether there is iron filings and copper filings on the filter element.

When using a breaker, the deterioration of hydraulic oil will accelerate, and the replacement cycle should be shortened.

It is not necessary to work without long-term oil.

After changing the hydraulic oil or hydraulic components, pay attention to exhaust air.

3. Electrical:

Pay attention to waterproofing, do not work in deep water, and do not directly wash electrical components with water when cleaning.