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MG08 mini excavator sent to Germany

Views : 493 Update time : 2022-01-13

On January 12, the MG08 mini excavator was loaded in the Msang Machinery Industrial Park and will be sent to Germany soon. At present, Msang Machinery's excavator series products have obtained EU CE certification, ISO quality system certification, TVU certification, etc.

The model of the micro excavator shipped this time is MG08, which is a compact excavator with strong power and stable work.

The whole vehicle of MG08 small excavator is sandblasted, acid washed, phosphated and sprayed, which can increase the adhesion of paint molecules, and is more durable, non-bleaching and smoother.

MG08 excavator can also be used with auger, gripper, rake, scarifier, narrow bucket and other attachments to meet different construction occasions.